Discord -

We think it's time to ditch Skype and Teamspeak. Two hundred seventy million PC gamers use these apps to communicate while playing online games yet they haven't been updated in years and no longer meet our needs. As gamers ourselves, we got fed up with these tools and decided to fix the problem ourselves. As a result, we've built the best all-in-one voice and text chat app for gamers that's free, secure, and works on both desktop and phone. It's called Discord. Fortunately, a lot of people love it.

Matcherino -

Matcherino allows eSport organizers to crowd-source their events, luring players with the temptation of luscious prize pools guaranteed by the most dedicated of viewers. Do you think a particular organization does a really good job, or is your favorite player squaring off in the match of the century? Doesn't matter -- now you can support it either way! Matcherino makes it easy to distribute prize pools once an event is over, as well, with a flexible donation system that opens many doors for the creative organizer.

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