The COW Open Bracket Weekly Tournament


  1. Players & Rosters
    1. Players- Players entering COW Overwatch tournaments must be connected on discord with their as their nickname. (Ex: Bnet is “Qwer#0000” so my discord will be “Qwer”). This is needed for eligibility of playing correct players and in an instance where an admin needs you. If you do not follow this protocol COW has the right to disqualify you from the tournament.
    2. Teams and Players- Teams must consist of a minimum of 6 players and maximum 7 players. Being found with players not officially on your roster will result in disqualification. In the event of needing a ringer (substitute) you must join the Discord and ask an admin for approval.
    3. Rosters- Teams are allowed only 1 substitute, In the event your roster has changed and you have already checked in you may alert an Admin on Discord and they may replace any players on your team. If a roster is found to be inaccurate it will result in your team being disqualified.
    4. Disqualifications- To keep COW tournaments as fast as can be, we hold the right to disqualify any team / player if need be. If you have a dispute about a disqualification you can email [email protected] for further disputing.
    5. Technical Issues- Every player is responsible for their own technological issues (Game not updated, internet lagging etc). In the event of a Disconnect within the first 60 seconds of the game the team lagging must alert an admin and the opposing team within those 60 seconds, after this time period a disconnect will result in playing at a disadvantage until that round is over.
  2. COW Open Rules
    1. Tournament Format, Map drafting, Seed Inviting, Options
      1. Format
        • Start of tournament until the semifinals is Bo1
        • Semifinals & Finals are Bo3
        • Blizzard Competitive ruleset but refer to 2.2.1 for Tiebreakers
      2. Map Drafting & Seed Inviting- All Map drafting will be done with with the higher bracket seed inviting the opponent to the ingame lobby before the OWDraft begins.
      3. All options for custom games are as follows:
        • Rule Set:
          • Rule Set: Competitive
        • Map Options:
          • Map Rotation: After a mirror match
          • Map Order: Single Map
          • Return to Lobby: After a Mirror Match
        • Hero Options:
          • Hero Selection Limit: 1 Per Team
          • Role Selection Limit: None
          • Allow Hero Switching: On
          • Respawn as Random Hero: Off
        • Gameplay Options:
          • High Bandwidth: Off (unless teams agree otherwise)
          • Control Game Mode Format: Bo3
          • Health Modifier: 100%
          • Damage Modifier: 100%
          • Healing Modifier: 100%
          • Ultimate Charge Rate Modifier: 100%
          • Respawn Time Modifier: 100%
          • Ability Cooldown Modifier: 100%
          • Disable Skins: Off
          • Disable Health Bars: Off
          • Disable Kill Cam: On
          • Disable Kill Feed: Off
          • Headshots Only: Off
    2. General Rules
      1. Ties- In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided on a 1 round Nepal map. If Nepal has been played in the match, contact an admin.
      2. Proof of Events- One player (Minimum) From each team is required to be able to record / screenshot (with timestamps) from each round as required.
      3. Server & Player Location- All players must be on the “Americas Server” and located in North America
      4. Rehosting (Rematching)- A Rehost may be permitted if an admin allows it and is given sufficient proof with a valid reason. Disconnects and Lag issues will only be valid for rehost in the first 60 seconds. In a rehosted game the same sides must be chosen, as well as map.
      5. Spectators- Spectators are allowed only if both Team captains allow for it. Only exceptions for this rule are verified admins and casters.
      6. Third Party Streamers- All streamers are allowed to stream their COW Open tournaments as long as it has a minimum 30 second delay. COW or Randomcs are not responsible if your stream gets ghosted/sniping.