COW League Minutemen Sign Up

Friday 8PM EST

Complete Rules


Players go to the COW League Discord for the event and join the Minutemen (Lobby) voice channel. You will not be able to speak until the draft is complete. An admin will come in the voice chat to answer questions and to explain the event overall. Once the draft starts, the role channels will be unlocked and you will join one of the following voice channels depending on what role you signed up as:

  • Undrafted - Tanks
  • Undrafted - Support
  • Undrafted - DPS
  • Undrafted - Flex

Please make sure your nickname on Discord matches your name; this simplifies the draft/match process. You can change it back after the event. Teams are filled with a balanced selection of roles and will be moved to their respective team channels by a bot. A bracket is made through and shared through the Discord, as well as on the Twitch stream (type !bracket in chat). Players may be moved after they’ve been initially drafted. The draft is NOT finalized until an admin says the event is live. Teams (not admins) are responsible for meeting up with their opponents and setting up the custom game lobby. Some easy ways to set up games are the #Minutemen chat, or DM a player under the team’s voice channel. Team captains are defaulted to the person at the top of the team in voice chat. Team names will be chosen at random from a pool of community-made names. Names cannot be changed after it’s been applied to your team. The name of your team will be used in the bracket and will be the title of your discord voice channel. If your match is being streamed, your captain will be contacted by a staffer in the stream lobby to invite them. When the event is streamed, typically one matchup per round will be streamed.

General RULES

Should any team or player break these rules and there is proof of violation, the violating team receives a loss for their match. Taking screenshots of results and violations is recommended.

  • Each Minutemen is played on their respective server (NA minutemen is played on NA server, EU Minutemen is played on EU server); players from any region can play in either Minutemen if they can still play with the higher ping.
  • Single Elimination - All pre-semifinal matches are Bo1. Semi-finals and Grand Finals are Bo3.
  • The team assigned the lower number sets up with random team start. (ie; If 7 vs 10, 7 would start draft). Continue banning until ONE map remains. An agreement on any legal map is also acceptable. Only maps currently in the competitive rotation are allowed. Teams may also agree on a map pool and order, per their discretion.
  • In the event of a tie in the set: Teams will play 1 round on a lobby-drafted KOTH map as the tie-breaker. Higher seed team bans first. Any KotH map already played is considered banned for this.
  • You are not allowed to sub for another team while your team is still in the tournament. You may sub for any team after your team is eliminated. You’re also welcome to stay together as a group and play QM or custom games against other teams. If a team needs a sub, a staff member will draft one for you, YOU CAN NOT GET A SUB ON YOUR OWN UNLESS A STAFFER FIRST ASKS YOU TO.
  • Restarting the game is only permitted before the doors of the spawn open (payload, hybrid, capture point) or the point unlocks (KotH) in game. You can only request one restart per match. If any issues occur please @EventStaff in the #minutemen channel of the COW League Discord to reach an admin.
  • Admins have the right to disqualify a team, please be respectful to your team, opponents, and staff. Each team gets one pause of up to five minutes per tournament round. The lobby leader is responsible for pausing at an appropriate time. If a team requests a second pause, the opposing team may choose to allow the pause. In the streamed lobby, the final say on whether a pause occurs after the first falls to staff.


The team assigned the higher number seed sets up the the game lobby and invites the opposing team’s captain. Both captains invite their respective team members. If your game is streamed, staff will set up the lobby and invite both captains. Settings: The default competitive ruleset is used for all matches, with the exception of Killcam being turned off.