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The Competitive Overwatch League, aka COW League, is an organization with a priority in serving the amateur community of Overwatch players. The community is heavily centered around a Discord server; with Discord being a very utilitarian application that primarily allows for voice chat, text chat and forum like functions (including bots), the COW League and Discord go hand in hand.

Luckily enough, the COW League is proud to be a certified Discord partner with the developers. This allows for much less restrictions in the Discord, and higher overall quality, especially pertaining to sound within the COW League Discord server.

“ COW League is here to provide a service to aspiring professionals and the thousands of amateur players and teams of Overwatch ”

With a mid-task statement like this from the creator of both COW League and Softlocke themselves, COW League prides itself on employing a large pool of staff that focuses on bringing competitive focused video content to those interested, using Discord efficiently to give the community tools to thrive, and to encourage players to meet other players, widening their pool of allies and rivals alike.