Sundays 2PM EST


What happened to COW League?
Nothing! COW League is staying the same.
Is there a COW Open anymore?
No, the COW Open is becoming the Athena Cup Open League.

Why did you rebrand the COW Open?
The COW Open had acquired a reputation for being a lower-tier tournament in terms of skill rating (which wasn’t necessarily true).
Not only does the rebrand help us, but the teams that play in our tournament will get more renown from it as well.
How is it different from the COW Open?
We’re streamlining everything. It’ll be much easier to sign up, get all the info and play.

Which regions can play in the ACOL?
This is a North American tournament, but all regions can play. Brazilian teams are still not allowed in due to latency issues.
Why did you move away from Battlefy?
The smash.gg guys have been working with us very closely to make sure that this event could be done the way we wanted it to. They’ve been a very big help to us and we’re excited for the switch over!

What’s happening to the COW Discord?
Absolutely nothing. It’s still there, the community is staying, and we’ll keep running casual events every week!
Why is there a separate Discord?
It’ll be easier to contact admins that way. Additionally, if Softlocke branches out to other games like we have in the past, it’ll be easier to set up events using that server.

What is Softlocke?
We’re an event production company. We specialize in making esports tournaments awesome both for players and spectators.
Are you looking for staff?
We pretty much always are!
Check out jobs.softlocke.com!