"To provide a professional-quality eSports experience for aspiring professionals, production crews, and audiences."

About Softlocke -

Founded by Kyle Murray in July 2016 and launched September 2016, Softlocke specializes in producing competitive eSports content and entertainment . Currently, Softlocke runs 3 community projects: COW League and CBR League, as well as an eSports organization project: SL.PRO. Most of the current Softlocke staff was founded through these projects. With one of the best production crews and with our newly launched website we're ready to take over eSports and raise the quality bar across the board.




With these well-defined values, we are on a mission to set new, more respectable standards in eSports etiquette. Our staff takes a realistic approach to progress and prides itself on its strong understanding of the industry's recent growth. We are manifesting our vision in line with our core values and pursuing our journey into the world of eSports. We hope that our efforts today will give us access to the resources we need tomorrow to launch and run projects that we believe will help positively mold the future of this young, but promising, industry.


"My team right now wouldn't exist if it weren't for COW League ."

- Cameron | Kingdom eSports

"No lie, this [COWLeague] stream is better ran than some of the more popular Overwatch streams. "

- SirMistery

"COW League, The quality is 10/10 "

- TerrorTelevision

" I love that my games got casted. I rewatched the vod like 6 times. It was such a surreal experience"

- Zedword

"How the hell does [COW League] not have more viewers with this quality? GosuGamers should hire these guys to broadcast their tournament."

- XemnesBW

"Players on my team were all very nice and we all had a great time. The admins were great at answering questions and keeping the tournament flowing smoothly"

- KaZ

" [COW League] Great server, really good staff (hard to find servers like that) very helpful staff at that. Ready to answer any questions you may have. I just honestly really like how things are run here and maybe looking to apply in the near future for a job! Good work to the owners and managers, props to the staff."

- GoldenRox

" Just want to say that [the COW League] server has been absolutely amazing for me. I’ve asked a bunch of questions over the past week, and everyone has been super friendly and nice. Whatever you guys are doing, you are doing it right!”"

- Invis